The werecoyote you must be here for

My monstersona/fursona. He's the character you'll often see me use to represent myself. I'm pretty sure you can guess what his name is.

"Why a werecoyote?"

I chose a werecoyote as my monstersona for multiple reasons. It just seemed like a fitting choice. Also I've been using a coyote character to represent myself since I made my first fursona.
Coyotes live pretty much everywhere in the United States. Especially in my home state of Florida. But they're often rarely seen or noticed. They're there, but they're not noticed. And I tend to be the kind of person to ghost people, whether it be because I feel like I annoy them, there's an issue with them and I'd rather not confront them as I dislike confrontation, or I've done enough stupid stuff around them that my dumb brain thinks I've made them hate me. And I tend toa void social interaction, being rather socially inept and having anxieties about it. I'm also just in general quiet and don't tend to stick out. So like the coyotes living across the Americas, I'm there, but you'd never notice me.
Another reason is how coyotes are portrayed in folklore. They're often portrayed as either crafty tricksters with malicious intent or creators and healers. The stories about coyotes being malicious tricksters tend to overshadow the others in popularity, despite the ones of them being healers and creators being more numerous. In a way coyotes in folklore can be seen as misunderstood at first glance. And in a way I see myself in that. I'm an artist and also the kind of person who tends to want to help others when I'm able to. And because of my difficulties with socializing I tend to be seen as cold or rude when I don't mean to be, and thus kind of act fake around people sometimes to try to not seem as cold. Which just makes me seem even more weird most of the time and causes people to misinterpret my intentions sometimes. People also tend to mistake me as uncaring or downright malicious because of my rather dark sense of humor, tendancy to be blunt and my lack of ability to think before saying something.
A lot of myths involving coyotes being creators also have them destrying their own creation. Many stories contain coyote helping create the world just to fill it with evils, disease and death. It in a way reminds me of my self-destructive nature and alarming dedication to fucking up my own life as much as possible with no one left to blame but myself as my dumb brain screams "why the fuck did I do that?!"
Also coyotes in folklore being so tied to disease and death in a way makes a coyote fitting because of my own fixations with those topics and how I find beauty and humor in them despite them being a rather grim subject.
And last but not least, I chose specifically a werecoyote and not a normal coyote because of how they have a human form, and how you wouldn't even know they're werecoyotes if you saw them in their human forms. Kind of like how I put on the act of being a functioning human being around others, and despite it just being an act, there are times when you'd never know I'm not. Though I'm not that good at putting on the act of being a funcitoning human being, and thus at further inspection it's more apparent that I might not be the actually functioning human being I try to be for others. Which is why you'll rarely see my monstersona in his human form, but instead most often in his coyote form or his "half tranformed" form (coyote ears and tail).
I know a lot of this probably sounds like a lot of wannabe deep shit, laugh and make fun of it if ya want. I won't be offended or hold it against you.

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