Murray | 17 | local menhera coyote boy

I'm just some dumbass who draws stuff sometimes.

I'm rather optimistic for a pessimist, but very much am a pretty grim person. I have a rather dark sense of humor, and tend to be very socially inept. I'm prone to overthinking and paranoia about others, so if I start acting weird be patient with me.

I like iDOLM@STER (espeically SideM), GeGeGe no Kitaro, Cells at Work, BEASTARS, Mob Psycho 100, Nintendo, and more. I love horror and anything creepy and/or cute. Also I have a very very very mixed and varied taste in music. You can find a list of stuff I like here if ya want.

My priv acc is @menhera_pierre. You can follow rq if you want, but I might be picky on who follows.